Solar Revolution with Relocation

In Astrology, a Solar Revolution, or Solar Return, is a technique that uses interpretation of symbols to describe a panorama of probabilities and themes for a specific year of a person's life, from one birthday to the next. Our birthday is marked by the moment the Sun returns to the exact same position it was when we were born and that precise moment determines the yearly panorama that will accompany us throughout the rest of the year until our next birthday. The symbology of the planets at the exact moment of our Solar Return reflects what is happening in our life during the year, like a mirror. Everyone goes through good years and bad years and no year is perfect because the planets' orbits are distinct and mathematically collide with one another all the time.

Solar Revolution with Relocation is a new technique which makes use of an often-overlooked variable: The location where you spend your birthday. The panorama of the Solar Revolution is based on your location at the exact moment of your Solar birthday and, as a consequence, it can be altered by traveling.

A Solar Revolution before traveling (left) and after traveling (right)

A Solar Revolution before traveling (left) and after traveling (right)

A Solar Revolution with Relocation consists in studying the globe, using rigorous mathematical calculations and interpretation of symbols, searching for locations where the panorama of the year becomes more favorable and positive for your life. With this technique you can improve the way your next year plays out and obtain more success, find opportunities, solve long term issues, improve your health, find love, feel more empowered, more fulfilled and many other possibilities, by traveling to a specific calculated location on the day of your birthday.

We have been studying and successfully practicing this technique over the last 20 years and it has helped thousands of clients overcome their life challenges and meaningfully improve their lives.

How to acquire a Solar Revolution with Relocation?

In order to benefit from this technique, it is necessary that you have your accurate birth information at hand: Day, month, year, hour and minute of birth, as well as city and country of birth. Your birth information will be used to study your Solar Revolution and to calculate the best places according to our strict mathematical criteria.

Ideally, all areas of life must be balanced and should reflect positive growth in a Solar Return panorama, but there is a certain hierarchy in human life that we must observe carefully. When achieving such balance is not fully possible in a given year, we then prioritize health, emotional wellbeing, balance between work and personal relationships, and finances, in that order. If the mathematical aspects of the birthday allow, you may request a specific subject or issue you would like us to focus on and we will consider its feasibility. Every year is different, some years are positive and easy while others are difficult and challenging. We do our best to balance the panorama, redirect and soften difficult aspects, empower positive aspects and find the most favorable configuration that a given year allows us.

The study of the Solar Revolution with Relocation can take up to several weeks to complete. Once the study is complete, you will receive the exact location you should travel to, the exact time you should be there, the Solar Revolution chart drawing, a detailed report describing the panorama of the year and optionally a full consultation about the year in question. The consultation will talk about all the themes you will experience during the year, predictions and probabilities for all areas of life, tips and strategies to make better use of your year, as well as an explanation about the reason for travelling and the differences compared to not travelling. You will be able to contact us for any follow up questions and/or additional assistance.

After receiving your Solar Revolution with Relocation, you may start making arrangements for your trip, purchase tickets, get your passports and visas, etc... And feel free to tell us all about it afterwards!

Our consulting sessions have a duration of approximately 1 hour and can be done via Skype, Hangouts, Discord or telephone.It can also be done in person at one of our offices or temporary attendance locations depending on our schedule. For the duration of the Covid19 pandemic, our consulting services are done exclusively online. The contents of the online session are identical to the presential session and the results and benefits are also the same.

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We recommend acquiring a Planetary Transits reading to complement your Solar Revolution. Get the special package with 3 full consultations and obtain a highly detailed yearly panorama covering all angles and possibilities. Planetary Transits show us more details about specific periods of time during the year, and sometimes they may overlap and temporarily alter the panorama of the Solar Revolution. Read more about Planetary Transits by clicking here and in the FAQ below.

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What if i don't know my birth time?
A margin of error of 10 to 15 minutes is acceptable but you will risk receiving inaccurate or even misleading information. If you don't know your birth time down to the minute, we highly recommend that you seek a Birth Time Rectification service. A Birth Time Rectification is a technique that can narrow down your birth time to the minute by cross checking data from important events that happened in your life. We do not offer this service at the moment but feel free to contact us for recommendations of professionals specialized in this field.

When should i do my Solar Revolution with Relocation?
You can do it whenever you want, but we recommend you to do it at least 3 months before your birthday so you have enough time to plan and prepare. Some of our clients do it 6 months before or even a year before. It is important to consider that you might need a visa that could take months to be ready.

How long should i stay there? do i have to move there?
You don't have to move anywhere, you can stay there as long as you want to. Solar Revolution with Relocation is a mathematical tool, therefore you will receive an exact date and time for your rebirth at any given location. So, as long as you are there at that exact date and time, the rest is up to you. Sometimes, our clients simply sleep for a night and return the very next day, or even book a same-day round trip if possible. Most of our clients however like to spend at least a few days and enjoy their birthday vacation.

Why is the day of my birthday wrong in my Solar Revolution?
Your Solar Revolution happens at the exact moment the Sun returns to its original birth position. Because of mathematical inaccuracies in the way our calendar works, this moment may happen at any point from the day before until the day after your calendar birthday. You will receive the exact date and time your Solar Revolution takes place.

Can i already be in the best place?
Absolutely. There are many cases where the place you live in is already great for that specific year. Sometimes minor adjustments can be made with a small trip, other times you don't need to go anywhere at all.

Why do i have to go to the middle of nowhere? why can't i go to a resort in a big, beautiful touristic city?
We don't decide where you have to go, Astrology and its mathematics does. It may happen that the best place for you that year is far from being a touristic place. In such cases you have to look at the trip as a mission to accomplish rather than a vacation to relax in. It is important to understand that the technique of Solar Revolution with Relocation is not about doing touristic trips but about improving your life. If you rather not go, you can request a second option, but a second option is not always possible or not good enough for our standards of a good year.

What if the trip is too expensive?
If you cannot afford to go on your Solar Revolution with Relocation, we will look for a second option and try to find places closer or cheaper for you to go to. But as mentioned above, there might be no second option good enough for our standards. Sometimes, if the location you are in reflects a difficult year, a small improvement can be done with a short trip.

What if i have to go somewhere dangerous?
Sometimes it happens that the best place is a very dangerous place, for example a country at war. When this happens, we look for other options in safer places even if its not the best panorama. We have had clients who were brave enough to decide going anyway and, so far, all of them had a successful trip. We still do not recommend it and we are not responsible for a client’s decision.

Do i have to do it every year?
Not necessarily, although it is highly recommended. Our studies and observations with real clients and cases indicate that doing consecutive Solar Revolutions with Relocation might have a positive cumulative effect. They tend to get better and better year after year. Nevertheless, we have had clients who did it only once and felt like that one time was enough to achieve what they wanted. Usually, the type of client who needs to travel every year are those who were born under difficult mathematical aspects in the sky. We do it ourselves every year.

Can you guarantee me that my life will improve?
In short, no. There is no way to guarantee it because you have your own part to play as well. Astrology can help you set all the right geometry in place, but if you do nothing with it, nothing will happen either. There is an inner work, an inner transformation to be done and only you can do it. You make an effort to transform yourself and the outside world slowly transforms itself as well. You give to the Universe and the Universe gives back to you. Nothing can help those who don't want to be helped.

Everything you told me was wrong, why?
Astrology can only be as accurate as your birth time, if your birth time is wrong, everything will be wrong. There are cases where government IDs and even birth certificates have the wrong birth times recorded due to a variety of reasons. If you suspect your birth time is wrong, we recommend you do a Birth Rectification.

I did it but my year is going horribly wrong, why?
Your Solar Revolution is not the only panorama at work, there are also Planetary Transits (Fast Planets and Slow Planets) as well as Secondary Progressions and other reflections out there. The panorama reflected by your Planetary Transits can be, in several moments, more important and present in your life than the Solar Revolution with Relocation. This is why we recommend purchasing additional interpretations in order to get a more complete and embracing panorama, more specifically a Yearly Report of Fast Planet Transits and a Yearly Report of Slow Planet Transits together with your Solar Return with Relocation.

Transits? why didn't you tell me about them before?
Astrology is too vast and at any given moment there are countless panoramas at work. We all go through different transits during our life, transits that are calm, pleasurable, easy, and transits that are difficult, unpleasant and challenging. Solar Revolution is the only panorama we can "control" to some extent, therefore, one of the most important and fundamental roles of this technique, is to mathematically decrease the strength of a challenging transit, especially Slow Planet Transits which can last for several years at a time. Sometimes we simply must go through hardship one way or another in order to grow, but even though it might not fully negate them, a positive Solar Revolution can greatly help you face difficult Transits.

Why should i bother with any of this? Astrology is not real.
We have clients who are skeptics, yet they still seek us regularly. Our Astrology services are result oriented and results speak louder than beliefs.