We are all shaped by the environment we live in, we adapt to it and it affects us in many different ways. This environment might be very positive and help us grow a lot, but it can also be subtly sabotaging our lives. The place where we live in gives us a certain life direction, it can make us more sociable or more isolated, focused more on work or on recreation, it can bring us more opportunities or leave us invisible for others. With Astrology one can observe and study all of these nuances and understand our environment in many ways, and in turn it is also possible to figure out the best locations to live in, according to our own personal goals and affinities.

Astrocartography is the Astrological study of the location we live in and how it affects us, as well as a technique for finding the best locations to live in. An Astrocartographic study observes the environment from many different angles using several Astrological techniques, such as the Astrocartographic Map, the Relocated Birth Chart, the study of the country's Natal Chart as well as the city's Natal Chart if available (cities and countries also have their own birth charts). All of these panoramas describe the various ways we interact with the environment we live in.

An example of an Astrocartographic Map

An example of an Astrocartographic Map

The Astrocartography of the place you live in will help you understand how the place affects you, what kind of themes are highlighted there and what kind of things you can learn from it.

If you're thinking about moving somewhere else, the Astrocartography of the place in question will help you understand its nuances, prepare for it and take any precautions you might need, and show what kind of themes and goals you should prioritize in that place.

If you're thinking about moving somewhere but not sure where yet, an Astrocartographic study will reveal the best locations in the world for you to live in, according to your Natal Chart and your life goals.

How to acquire an Astrocartography interpretation?

To obtain an Astrocartography consultation, you will need to provide your complete birth information, including day, month, year, hour, minute, city and country of birth.

If the service is for the place you live in or a specific place you have in mind, let us know the city and country in question. We will try to obtain the country's independence date and if possible, also the city's founding date. Both of these dates reveal certain nuances that are not found in traditional Astrocartographic Maps and allow us to obtain a more complete panorama about the given location. This search can take several days.

If your goal is to find the best place for you to live in, we will research the countries or regions you're most interested in. This study may take several weeks.

Upon completion, you will receive a few options for cities and countries that offer you more growth opportunities according to your Natal Chart and will schedule a consulting session to explain in detail the effects of these locations on your life and how to make the best use of them.

Our consulting sessions have a duration of approximately 1 hour and can be done via Skype, Hangouts, Discord or telephone.It can also be done in person at one of our offices or temporary attendance locations depending on our schedule. For the duration of the Covid19 pandemic, our consulting services are done exclusively online. The contents of the online session are identical to the presential session and the results and benefits are also the same.

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What if i don't know my birth time?
A margin of error of 10 to 15 minutes is acceptable but you will risk receiving inaccurate or even misleading information. If you don't know your birth time down to the minute, we highly recommend that you seek a Birth Time Rectification service. A Birth Time Rectification is a technique that can narrow down your birth time to the minute by cross checking data from important events that happened in your life. We do not offer this service at the moment but feel free to contact us for recommendations of professionals specialized in this field.

Everything you told me was wrong, why?
Astrology can only be as accurate as your birth time, if your birth time is wrong, everything will be wrong. There are cases where government IDs and even birth certificates have the wrong birth times recorded due to a variety of reasons. If you suspect your birth time is wrong, we recommend you do a Birth Rectification.

Why should i bother with any of this? Astrology is not real.
We have clients who are skeptics, yet they still seek us regularly. Our Astrology services are result oriented and results speak louder than beliefs.