Service Guide

Astrology is a complex body of knowledge with many uses and many tools were developed for working with specific scenarios and studying specific parts of our lives. Because of this, it can be a little confusing to figure out what is the appropriate tool or technique for your specific needs, therefore here is a small guide to help you figure it out.

I want to learn more about myself

The study of one’s own life is one of the main fields in Astrology and multiple techniques were developed for this sole purpose. These techniques help you learn more about yourself, about your strengths and weaknesses, how to best fit into our modern society, how to correctly approach different subjects in your life, and much more. We currently offer the following interpretations in this field:

  • Natal Chart - A Natal Chart, or a Birth Chart, is the Astrological interpretation of one's exact moment of birth. It offers many insights that can help you better understand yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, how to achieve your goals and much more.

These individual interpretations offer in-depth knowledge and guidance that will last you a lifetime. If you have never done an Astrological consultation before, this is where to start. Everyone should do these at least once in their lives.

I want to know what is going on in my life

Studying the passage of time is another focus in Astrology. Such techniques can be used to understand what is happening to us and why, and also to learn how to make better use of the blessings and challenges that are given to us. We are currently offering the following interpretations in this field:

  • Transits - Transits are the Astrological interpretation of a specific time period and its unique effects on us according to our specific Natal Chart. Through them we can identify, predict, plan and prepare for all sorts of events and possibilities ahead of time.

  • Secondary Progressions - A Secondary Progression, or Progressed Transit, is an Astrological interpretation that focuses on the bigger picture. It studies human development over a larger period of time and shows you what kind of background theme you are living in for the next 10 or more years.

These interpretations are extremely useful to understand what we are going through and why. We all go through good times and bad times, but everything we go through has a purpose and a specific way to approach it. Knowing and understanding these transiting aspects makes your life much easier, and preparing and planning for them ahead of time gives you a great advantage.

I want to solve a difficult issue and/or improve my life

The following techniques are relatively new and only became possible with the emergence of cheap international travel but through ongoing study over the past few decades, they have proven themselves to be very effective.

  • Solar Revolution with Relocation - Travel on your solar birthday to a specific mathematically calculated location to improve the panorama and background energy of the next year of your life.

  • Lunar Revolution with Relocation - The same as a Solar Revolution but based on the cycle of the Moon. Its effects are more immediate and only last for 28 days. This technique is useful for emergency situations.

The cycles of the Sun and the Moon are very powerful and present in our lives. The exact moments of our Solar and Lunar birthdays define the panorama and background energy of our whole year or month. From all Astrological interpretations, these are the only ones we can "control" to a certain extent, and by traveling to specific mathematically calculated locations we can shift their panoramas and make them more favorable. These techniques are very useful to counterbalance difficult transits and to improve the effects of positive transits.

I want to start something new or launch something important

Every time something begins, it inherits the qualities of that specific moment in time, and carries these qualities for the rest of its existence. This is valid for everything, a marriage, a company, a home, a car, a trip, and more. For this reason, the Astrology of "timing" is a widely used tool to improve the chances of successful endeavors. The following techniques are used for this purpose:

  • Event Chart - An Event Chart is the study and interpretation of a specific moment in time that represents the beginning of an endeavor, and also the process of finding the best possible moment in time to begin and represent such endeavor.

  • Transits - Transits are also important here because as the owner/starter of the endeavor your personal transits will also affect its outcome.

These techniques are widely used to plan events ahead of time and improve their chances of being successful. Businesses use it for their grand openings and product launches, couples use it to get married at the best moment, musicians use it to release their songs, and more...

I want to move to a different city and/or country

We all inherit certain qualities and characteristics from the location we live in. If you're planning to move to a new location, but are not sure where yet, it is possible to find out the ideal places for you, places that are compatible with who you are and with the goals you want to achieve.

  • Astrocartography - Astrocartography is the study of how a given location affects our life and also the process of finding the most compatible places in the world for us to live in.

Astrocartography is a complex study that makes use of many factors which includes studying the "birth charts" of the cities and countries in question if possible.

I want to learn more about my relationship

Relationships and compatibility is also one of the fields which Astrology thrives in. Every person is unique, and uniting two unique individuals makes up a complex relationship that can even be interpreted separately.

  • Synastry - Synastry is the Astrology of relationships. It helps you understand the dynamics of your relationship, the themes that are important, the way both individuals are affected, and how to bring out the best of the relationship.

Synastries are very useful for couples to better understand each other. It is not only about compatibility, its about working together to grow and make the most out of each other.